Monday, September 3, 2012

An All-Time Favorite - Wallace State Park

We spent Labor Day Weekend at Wallace State Park, which is one of our all-time favorite parks and one we stay at at least once each season.

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac brought much needed rain to us on Friday, so we left home under wet conditions and arrived at camp the same.  

Many of the Missouri State Parks have wi-fi now, but not yet at Wallace, so my computer usage was limited to a few games and the books I have downloaded to it.  Fortunately, we have games, books, a television, VCR and DVD players and other things to keep us occupied when we can't be outside.  Shane even thought to bring the campfire! 

On DVD, that is.

Saturday was equally rainy, so we went to town for something to do, and because I'd somehow forgot to bring coffee and we needed to buy some.  We spent a couple of hours looking in two thrift shops, and an antique mall, with a quick visit to the grocery store for coffee and a stop at Dairy Queen for a treat.  The rain finally tapered off by Saturday evening, and the burn ban that had been in place most of the summer was lifted, so we enjoyed a real campfire.

Sunday morning looked much brighter.  The sun was out and the day warmed quickly.  It was never warm enough to swim, in my opinion, but we did go fishing for a couple of hours. 

As usual, Kat was the only one of us who had any luck. 

After fishing, we went for a short hike on one of the many trails.  It doesn't feel like autumn, but the summer-long drought has made everything look fall-like.

Then we came back to camp to play washers and cook a nice steak supper and enjoyed it at the picnic table instead of inside the camper.

We had a nice surprise Sunday night around 8:30, when the large group parked across from us gathered with three or four guitars, a mandolin and a stand-up bass.  We stayed on our side of the road, but we enjoyed listening to them play all kinds of music, from Steve Earle to Green Day to Merle Haggard to bluegrass standards to gospel.  They were good, and we really enjoyed the free concert.  It was, without doubt, a unique twist to this trip.

Parked at Wallace State Park
Cameron, MO
August 31 - September 3, 2012