Saturday, August 11, 2012

Join Us On The Road

Welcome to Haphazard Homestead On The Road!

We've been a camping family for years, working our way up from tent camping, to a pop-up trailer and then to a pull-behind hybrid travel trailer.  Although our camping adventures span back to the mid-90s, this blog begins with the recent purchase of our 5th wheel camper.  The first few posts will be back-dated to reflect this.

We're still a few years from retirement, but something we think we'd like to do is spend our retirement years as full-time campers, traveling to (and perhaps working at) parks and resorts across the country.  Until then, we plan to get in a lot of practice.

If you're wondering how any of this ties in to our Haphazard Homestead blog, you'll find that while we're camping, we continue with many of the same frugal, green, and healthy habits we have at home.

I hope you'll enjoy joining us On The Road.