Sunday, August 12, 2012

Near Disaster on Our Maiden Voyage - Thibault Point Campground

We hitched up the camper the weekend after we purchased it and headed south to Truman Lake and the Thibault Point Campground, which is a Corps of Engineers park.

We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to set up compared to the travel trailer.  We had our work done and were ready to enjoy our weekend in no time at all.

Kat did not come with us on this first trip because she was scheduled to be with her mom that weekend and didn't want to change those plans.  So it was a nice weekend getaway for just the two of us.

I grew up in this area and swam at the beach in this Corps of Engineers park as a teenager, but I'd never had reason to see the campground.  It was a nice park at about 30% occupancy while we were there.  All of those who were there were clustered at the end of the circle drive, near the lake.

Our site just a few yards from the water.  Kat would have loved the easy access, but since she wasn't with us, we didn't get in.  We enjoyed some great sunsets...

and beautiful mornings, too.

On Saturday, Shane and I took a drive further on to Lake of the Ozarks just to look around and to have lunch.  On Sunday, we went into town (Warsaw, MO) to visit with my dad. 

Overnight we had heavy rains and wind at the campground.  This house, one that I lived in as a child for a couple of years, was damaged, but we were happy to find out that the new camper didn't leak a drop.

Unfortunately, we had some trouble on our drive home.  One of the tires on the truck threw its tread.  The tires were the one thing on the truck that Shane was iffy about.  They were Goodyear tires and we had a similar problem with one of them in the past.

This could have been such a bad situation, but luckily (if such a thing can be lucky), this happened on level highway in moderate traffic and we were in a location where we could easily pull off on a side road to unhitch and change the tire.

As I was watching traffic while Shane changed the tire, I noticed that most drivers didn't even seem to notice that we were there, but without fail, every driver pulling an RV or travel trailer checked us out as they passed.  I'm not sure, but like to think that if any of them had seen we were in over our heads, one or more of them would have stopped to see if we needed help.

We ordered new tires for the truck the next day and had them on within the week.


Parked at Thibault Point Campground, Truman Lake
near Warsaw, MO
June 15-17, 2012